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    AWH Safety Valves


    The hygienic AWH safety valve, as the latest product in the AWH valve portfolio, reliably protects containers and pipe systems against overpressure if all automatic regulation, control and monitoring systems have failed. Mechanically stressed safety valves are indispensable for the secondary protection of your systems, because they open reliably without the addition of any auxiliary energy.

    The construction with little dead space offers the greatest possible protection against contamination in the product-contact and non-product-contact area. The valve with its properties is therefore suitable for the food, beverage, bio-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

    The mechanism of the new spring-loaded valve is located on the inside, above the diaphragm. This protects all moving parts from contamination. Thanks to the special, standard lifting mechanism, unwanted blocking of the valve is not possible. All components in contact with the product are made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4404 (316L). The safety valve is permanently set and sealed at the factory.

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